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The engagement of African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) immigrant women with HIV has been significant to HIV responses in Canada and globally. However, there is not as much written on their engagement as paid workers in the Canadian HIV response.


The Because She Cares study explored the work experiences of ten (10) ACB women (the Narrators) who had been employed in Canadian AIDS service organizations. Through a participative, community-engaged knowledge translation project, we – ACB community members and allies who are engaged in HIV-responses in Ontario – are sharing these stories and mobilizing their messages using poetry and spoken word.

Poetry Anthology

The anthology is a collection of poetry by the Narrators of Because She Cares arranged in five (5) themes that were of central significance to ACB women living with HIV and working in the HIV response. For a copy of the anthology or for more information please contact us at:  

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Episode 4 – Poetic Justice: a collaborative retelling


Duration: 20:01
Size: 37.12M
Recorded on October 2, 2017


Host James Watson chats with Lori Chambers, Ph.D. about her unique research initiative, “Because She Cares.” Lori uses poetry to share the experiences of immigrant African, Caribbean and Black women employed in the response to HIV in Canada. Their discussion focuses on the impact of using the arts-based method of poetic narrative inquiry and is highlighted by the retelling of a choral poem by the Because We Care Collaborative.

Wisdom of the Sages

We share with you the wisdom of the "sages": African, Caribbean and Black women community members who advised on the methodologies used on Because She Cares.

We also share some poetic re-tellings of the women whom we interviewed:  African women living with HIV employed in HIV responses in Canada (the "Narrators")

Pseudonyms have been used to maintain the anonymity of respondents.

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