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African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) immigrant women living with HIV are seminal to HIV responses in Canada and globally. Yet, their engagement as paid workers in the Canadian AIDS service organizations is not recognized enough.

Graphic, Because She Cares

The Narrators

The Narrators
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We pay tribute to them here at

Because She Cares.

Because She Cares began as a qualitative study, where we asked ten ACB women (whom we call the Narrators) about their employment experiences at Canadian AID service organizations. ACB community members and allies who work in AIDS service organizations in Ontario are sharing these stories using poetry and spoken word.

Graphic Image, Narrator Because She Cares

This project is dedicated to 'the Narrators'*, the women who share their stories of HIV work as racialized women living with HIV and allowing us to poetically tell and learn from them. Without their wisdom and generosity, this project would have never happened.

*To maintain their anonymity, we use the following pseudonyms when featuring their wisdom: "Nea", "Fifi", "Maya", "Naomi", "Joy", "Anna", "Miriam", "Audre", "Norma", and "Nadira".

Wisdom of The Sages

The Sages
The Sages. Because She Cares
Wisdom of The Sages

We share with you the wisdom of the "sages": African, Caribbean and Black women community members who advised on the methodologies used on Because She Cares.

We also share some poetic re-tellings of the women whom we interviewed:  African women living with HIV employed in HIV responses in Canada (the "Narrators")
Pseudonyms have been used to maintain the anonymity of respondents.
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